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Player Level: 7

Gender: male

YT Subs: 3600

YT Views: 913436

I'm Richard Virgosky, affectionately known as Uncle Richard among friends, here's a brief overview of my character:

I've spent 10133 days on the "Earth" server, reaching 7 lvl with 20 experience points. My current spawn is located in East-Central Europe, though the future remains uncertain. My character specializes in the broad field of "computer science" covering programming, business applications, micro controllers on both software and hardware sides. My years of commitment to the study of magic have given me the chance to explore various technical areas, including but not limited to: C++, C#, .NET, PHP, Java, JS. However, I'm far from reaching Charlie-San's level of initiation... Speaking of magic, it's worth noting the mysterious ERP, which I don't engage in. Nevertheless, I'd be dishonest if I didn't admit to spending countless nights with the code. I have to confess that in the symphony of my existence, technology takes center stage, and, well, I've fallen deeply in love with its harmonious notes.

I'm super into virtual reality and I believe it's our future, even though I'm not sure we're totally ready to face it.

But VR isn't just a hobby for me, it's a big part of my life, especially since I've moved most of my social life to VRChat. People sometimes give me funny looks when I talk about it, but over the past two years, it changed me a lot. It opened my mind to new horizons, exposing me to different people, beliefs, cultures and trends, allowing me to understand and accept previously unknown concepts. I take pride in this transformation and enjoy every moment spent in this virtual world.

I've been running a YouTube channel for 1120 days now. I've made 111 videos, that have been watched over 913436 times, and as a result, I managed to gather 3600 loyal subscribers. These numbers blow my mind, and I'm grateful to everyone who contributed to its growth.

While You might label me a nerd, my interests extend far beyond the computer. I love sports, gym workouts, traveling, meeting new people, and I've also got a thing for motorbikes and cars. The world is way too beautiful, and I refuse to stick to just one hobby. Let's keep our life exciting!

I owe every success and every aspiration to my beloved Retarded Family. Their unwavering presence in my life fueled my journey of personal growth for a long time, making every day brighter. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again someday.

If You've read this far, I'd greatly appreciate Your support through subscribing to my YouTube channel or following me on my other social media platforms.